This is us.

This is us.Knowledge Street LLC was born from a love of the work and a desire to share what we know.

We’ve traveled here from varied but complementary backgrounds: consulting, technical writing, graphic arts and general management. We’re dedicated, we like to work hard and love finding the most cost-effective answers. We’re also willing to take risks and try to approach it all with a sense of humor. Learn more.

Knowledge is good.
Knowledge Management
Graphic Design
Management Consulting

Knowledge Management

If only your organization knew what all your employees know. Think about how amazing that would be.


We can help you refine your messages,  audiences, content and communications channels.

Management Consulting

Sometimes you need to look at things from a fresh perspective. We listen closely and offer practical, common sense advice.

Graphic Design

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; that might be true, as long as it’s the right picture.

Human communication is a matter of getting an idea out of one head and into another. That can be a real challenge: how do I get you to know what I know? In the end, it’s knowledge that matters.

That’s never been more true than it is today, given that we’re swimming in a 24 x 7 flood of tweets, status updates and push notifications. It’s not so easy to hold someone’s attention. In fact, it’s next to impossible.

Knowledge Management is a way of thinking about this problem, and Knowledge Street is a consultancy that can help you make the dream come true. Whether you want to get employees excited about a new direction or help customers appreciate a new product, it all comes down to words and pictures.

We will find the words and pictures to put your story across. We do KM & Communications for the real world.

We bring things together.
We use common sense.

We bring an uncommon amount of common sense to the table. Call it street smarts.

We’ve had years and years of real-world experience in writing, editing, graphics design, production and project management. This background in the essentials of Getting Stuff Done helps us focus on what’s important, and recognize what’s not.

We can do what we do on a project basis, with pre-defined deliverables and timeframes. That means we can design communication programs or build knowledge repositories, which you can manage on your own. We can also work as an outsourced service bureau, writing and distributing communiqués, publishing electronic newsletters, capturing the knowledge of experts or managing websites.

So we can teach you to fish, but if you’d rather let someone else throw the nets, we can do that too.

Knowledge Street does its best work at the intersection of our particular skill sets. That’s our sweet spot.

We do website design, and sometimes website development. We design marketing campaigns, and also execute on individual pieces of collateral. We take on research assignments and develop infographics. We develop training programs, write user guides and design interfaces for mobile applications. And we help companies define more efficient business processes that maximize productivity.

Some of this work could be considered management consulting. Some of it is writing, editing and graphic design. All of it involves the knack of bringing together words and pictures in a fresh, compelling way. We’re good at this.


Knowledge Street

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